The ANOVOS Star Trek design team is celebrating the 30th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation by re-releasing Captain Picard's Uniform Jacket, but with its original iteration as introduced in the fifth season episode, "Darmok." Designed by Robert Blackman with direct input from Patrick Stewart, Captain Picard’s Uniform Jacket was intended to make the Captain stand out from the rest of the crew -- just as Captain Kirk’s wraparound tunics had a generation before. Between the suede leather of the uniform body and the shiny, smooth black vinyl yoke, this piece loudly contrasted against the standard duty uniforms worn on the show by the Enterprise-D's bridge crew.

The Captain Picard's Uniform Jacket is made of 100% real leather suede as per the "Darmok" iteration, which was color matched to a preserved, screen-used jacket from a private collection. Further, it features padded vinyl shoulder detail a la the original "Darmok" iteration and is patterned directly from screen-used jacket, used throughout TNG seasons five through seven. Other highlights include a satin interior lining for comfort, just like the original, no center front closure, cuff and waistband stitch detail, as well as hidden interior breast pockets for smaller items at both sides of jacket.

The product will ship in Spring 2018. Visit for pricing and additional details.

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