The USS Bonchune NCC-70915 was a Federation Nebula-class starship that served Starfleet in the 24th century. The Bonchune and the prototype ship the USS Prometheus came face to face in 2374 after Romulans commandeered the Prometheus. Later, in 2378, when Starfleet expected a Borg attack, the Bonchune was part of the fleet gathered in the Sol system to take them on. Fortunately, the USS Voyager had hijacked a ride within a Borg sphere and then destroyed the sphere, leaving the Voyager to be escorted home by the Bonchune and the other gathered ships.'s look at the USS Bonchune NCC-70915 continues our ongoing celebration of the Ships of the Line, which will carry on from now until the end of the year. The latest in the bestselling Ships of the Line calendar series is available now; visit to purchase the 2015 Ships of the Line calendar.


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