The USS Prometheus NX-59650 was the second ship to bear the name Prometheus and, when she was launched from the Beta Antares Ship Yards in 2373, was Starfleet's fastest vessel -- with a warp factor of 9.99. An experimental prototype -- and dedicated warship -- created for deep space tactical assignments, the Prometheus was equipped with regenerative shields, multi-vector assault mode and ablative hull armor. The ship was also equipped with holographic projectors on every deck, allowing its EMH Mark II unimpeded movement throughout the ship.

Romulans hijacked the Prometheus in 2374. It was during this time that the USS Voyager, then stuck in the Delta Quadrant, sent a subspace transmission that was received by the Prometheus. In it was hidden Voyager's EMH, who pretended to be the EMH of the Prometheus and insisted he was a neutral figure in the Starfleet-Romulan conflict occurring aboard the Prometheus. The Voyager's EMH, a Mark I better known as The Doctor, activated the Prometheus' EMH, a newer Mark II. After putting aside their petty differences, the two EMH's proceeded to reclaim control of the ship by utilizing a neurozine gas to knock out the 27 Romulan hijackers. Once back on Voyager, The Doctor informed Captain Janeway that he told Starfleet of Voyager's situation and, as a result, Starfleet -- which long believed Voyager to be lost for good -- redoubled its efforts to locate Voyager.'s look at the USS Prometheus NX-59650 continues our ongoing celebration of the Ships of the Line, which will carry on from now until the end of the year. The latest in the bestselling Ships of the Line calendar series is available now; visit to purchase the 2015 Ships of the Line calendar.


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