It's Take Your Dog to Work Day, and so thought we'd celebrate The Dogs of Trek. Now, that's a very, very short list even with all the hundreds of hours of Star Trek films and shows. In some cases, dogs were on screen, but they played aliens, as with "The Alien Within," or were created with VFX or they were just puppies. And our favorite dog should surprise no one... it's Portho's from Enterprise. So here's to Porthos as well as the less familiar Dogs of Trek.

Maura, the pooch/host in TNG's "Aquiel." Good dog. Bad dog. Very bad dog.

The Troi family's dog in "Dark Page" was adorable.

Q turned Dr. Crusher into a dog in "True-Q."

Butler in Generations. Kirk reunited with his beloved Butler in the Nexus. In real-life, William Shatner requested that the Great Dane be named Butler because that was the name of one of his own, recently deceased canines.

Odo as a German shepherd security dog in DS9's "Little Green Men." Odo sniffed out Ferengi mischief by morphing into a German shepherd.

Mollie the Irish Setter on Voyager. We know what you're thinking: I don't remember a dog on Voyager. Well, she was there in photos of Janeway's life back home, before Voyager got lost in space. And Q tried to seduce Janeway... using an Irish Setter puppy in "The Q and the Grey."

Rhylo was Keyla's odd-looking dog in the Enterprise episode "Two Days and Two Nights." She and Portho didn't exactly get along, engaging in a growling duel.

Come on, though, isn't Porthos the cutest?


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