Star Trek Timelines is proud to announce our first variant of Captain James Tiberius Kirk for the game. While we’ll have three versions of Kirk at launch, and this week we’ve chosen the iconic (and quite handsomely heroic) The Original Series version of Captain Kirk.

Yellow Alert: Subject to Change

Everything here is pre-beta, and that means there will be lots of change -- which can be driven by you, the player community. It’s why we’re sharing it now. So please leave feedback on our forums  and join the Bridge Crew to engage in further reveals and discussions around the thing we all love: making and playing Star Trek Timelines.

Introducing Our First Captain Kirk

In many ways, Kirk in his first captain's uniform is the face of Star Trek. He was the first captain many of us met, a man we came to trust and admire as we followed him and the crew of the NCC-1701 on their five-year mission. He introduced us to strange new worlds, new life, new civilizations and he paved the way for Picard, Sisko and Janeway to follow (or, in Archer's case, for his story to be told).

All that said, a Star Trek game would be incomplete without this version of Kirk:

This Kirk comes from an exciting time in his life: he’s in his prime, captain of the Enterprise, with many amazing experiences ahead of him and only his training and instincts to guide him at the moment. Players can expect him to bring all his bravery, boldness, and quick-thinking into the field on their behalf, which makes this version of Kirk a valuable asset to any crew.
Skills & Traits: Captain Kirk

Each crew member in Timelines specializes in one or more Skills. Skills become important as you deal with negotiations that might require Diplomacy, repairs that only an Engineering specialist can handle, and combat situations in which one’s experience as a Security officer will certainly come into play.

This version of Kirk - at or near the start of his five-year mission on the Enterprise - specializes in the skills he’s mastered both at Starfleet Academy and throughout his career thus far: Command, Diplomacy and Security. What does this mean in terms of gameplay? Well, in any instance where Command, Diplomacy, or Security is required, this version of Kirk is going to have a better chance of success than another crew member without specialization in these skills. For instance, resolving a conflict on a planet’s surface, taking a shuttle to perform a timed away mission, or manning a battle station aboard your ship during a space battle.

And then we have Traits. Traits are often the X factor that decides whether your crew member succeeds or fails on a mission. Traits can also unlock options during Conflict Missions (the subject of a recent blog post), which you might not otherwise have, if you were to bring a different crew member along. This version of Kirk currently has four traits: Human, Federation, Starfleet, and Inspiring. Being Human might help Kirk relate more to Human allies or adversaries; being a member of the Federation might open doors that otherwise remain closed. And of course, a Starfleet officer can be intimidating in many situations. Finally, Kirk is an Inspiring figure -- having him lead your away team into a combat situation might provide just the morale boost you need for victory.
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