Bye Bye Robot returns to the final frontier with the launch of five new and franchise-spanning Star Trek prints. The fresh artwork captures the essence of The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise.

Jeff Foster, a returning artist, is represented by two paintings. “Uncharted Territory” measures 16” x 24” and it depicts the Enterprise NX-01 in the artist’s bold Modern Impressionist style. The ship is set against a rich rainbow background with texture and detail achieved solely through the use of a palette knife. Foster’s other print is called “Defiant,” and it’s a 16” x 24” violet and turquoise portrayal of DS9’s Defiant, with the ship in flight and the paint strokes behind it signifying the region’s turbulence.

Mark Brayer is another returning artist, and his latest is “Galileo Seven,” a 16” x 24” piece that’s the fourth in his line of vintage ship depictions created using Brayer’s retro book-cover style. It features the Galileo Seven from the TOS episode of the same name and gives collectors a detailed rendering of the terrain found by the away mission’s crew after their emergency landing, as well as an up-close view of the planet’s confrontational denizens.

Among the new artists is Thomas Ziffer, who contributes a remarkably detailed painting called “Engage,” which shows off his skill with Realism and an airbrush. The 16” x 24” print features a portrait of Captain Picard, opulent colors throughout a vast space background, celestial bodies and the Enterprise-D.

New artist number two is Kevin Hopkins, who is represented by “The Long Way Home,” a 18” x 24” portrait of the USS Voyager. It features an ethereal and vibrant illustration of space behind the ship. The first Star Trek: Voyager artwork offered by Bye Bye Robot, it will be joined by several others in the near future as part of Bye Bye Robot’s celebration of Voyager’s 20th anniversary.

Each of the new Trek art prints costs $25, plus shipping, and each piece is printed on acid-free heavyweight coverstock. Visit to purchase.


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