A new U.S.S. Enterprise poster, featuring art by Mark Brayer, has just been released by Bye Bye, Robot. The retro-style Enterprise poster, inspired by Brayer’s affection for mid-to-late-1900s book-cover art, is the second Brayer piece to be released by Bye, Bye Robot, following the well-received U.S.S. Botany Bay. The new piece depicts the legendary ship soaring over an alien world.



“We’re thrilled to have Mark’s second poster in his vintage ships series,” Charity Wood, Co-Founder of Bye Bye, Robot, said in a statement.  “His roster of ships is shaping up into a formidable armada. With this current U.S.S. Enterprise, his last S.S. Botany Bay, and the ships I know he’s working on for his future prints, there will be enough spacefaring might to begin an intergalactic hall of fame.” 

U.S.S. Enterprise is printed on acid-free coverstock and measures 16” x 24”.  It costs $25, plus shipping. Click HERE to purchase.



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