Bye Bye Robot is saying “hello” to Star Trek fans in a major way. The company just added a whopping eight posters to its Star Trek collection. Steve Thomas’ “Red Shirt Recruitment” poster announces that “The Federation Needs You” and is filling yeoman and security positions. Meanwhile, Thomas also rendered, “Escape To Risa” a visually soothing travel-style poster that beckons potential visitors to the ultimate pleasure planet. Both posters measure 16” by 24” and cost $25 each.

Drew Johnson’s latest Bye Bye Robot contributions are “Borg3” (Borg Cubed) and “Warped.” The former is a super-colorful painting of you know what that measures 12” by 18” and costs $15, while “Warped” is a painting of the Enterprise-D in action. It measures 12” by 18” and also costs $15.


Up next are two paper posters by Charity Wood. “Boldly Go” depicts the TOS-era Enterprise in space, and it measures 14” by 36.” The second poster is called “Cold Blooded,” and it’s a 18” by 18” portrait of the Gorn. “Boldly Go” costs $30 and “Cold Blooded” goes for $25.

Finally, fans should check out the two new pieces by Jeff Foster. “Dash D” is a colorful 12” by 24” depiction of the Enterprise-D and “Neutral Zone,” heavy on green and blue and measuring 18” by 24,” finds the Enterprise entering the frame in pursuit of Romulan Warbirds. “Neutral Zone” and “Dash D” are both paper posters, and each costs $25.

All of the posters are available now. Click HERE for details.
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