Kim Henderson and Gordon Florence, a couple who hail from Breightmet in England, got hitched on Saturday... and they did so in unforgettable Star Trek fashion. They sported The Next Generation/Insurrection-style ceremonial white uniforms, while their guests wore a variety of Trek costumes and flashed the Vulcan greeting. Even the newlyweds' 7-month-old baby Jadzia -- yes, Jadzia, named after you know who -- donned matching ceremonial whites.

“It’s all a bit of fun getting to dress up in the different costumes," Henderson told The Bolton News. “I’ve always known I wanted a Star Trek themed wedding since I was a lot younger. If anything, I wanted to get married at Star Trek the Experience at the Hilton in Las Vegas. I wanted to get married on the replica of the Bridge of the Enterprise. This is great, though, with lots of our guests dressed as Star Trek characters or in their favourite characters costumes.”

The couple met at a Comic-Con in Manchester two years ago, and, according to the paper, Henderson walked down the aisle carrying a regulation phaser rifle... along with her bouquet. The couple are members of Manchester Starfleet and the fan group joined the festivities. Stay-at-home dad Gordon told the News, “It’s great to see people making an effort and seeing Jadzia dressed as a mini-Kim.”

Henderson and Florence live with Jadzia in a house filled with Star Trek memorabilia. Please join in wishing the happy couple a long and prosperous marriage.


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