dug deep into our Star Trek Vault and found a little something that's at once adorable, terrifying and really kinda sick: a Borg-ified Teddy Bear. And this isn't just a random Borg-ified Teddy Bear. It was a product sold exclusively at the gift shop at the Star Trek: The Experience attraction in Las Vegas, and it was part of a line of Star Trek-themed stuffed bears. And it cost $12.99.

Now, there are Borg Teddy Bears and other bears from that exclusive line (think Klingon and Ferengi bears, etc.) selling all over the Internet, most in the $10-$20 range. What makes this one just a bit rare is that price tag is still attached. Anyone wanna buy an assimilated Teddy Bear? Just kidding, just kidding.

So, what do YOU still have -- and treasure -- from The Experience?


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