Resistance was not futile yesterday, as thousands of readers became resistance force members and helped us battle the Borg after they attempted to assimilate the site. Of course, the cosplay was in good fun and part of our effort to commemorate the 15th anniversary of Star Trek: First Contact, which opened on November 22, 1996.

The day-long event generated a mix of excitement, action and, yes, some frustration. Some folks had a blast and played along for several hours, tweeting their friends and getting them in on it all. Others found it to be too much of a good thing and started to think of our Facebook posts as spam. The nitpickers among you quibbled about assimilating Tribbles and Odo, while others took us to task for daring to have the Borg assimilate Q. Like that could every actually happen, right? And, yes, we’re aware that Janeway defeated the Borg on Star Trek: Voyager. But did she? Did she really? Who’s to say that the neurolytic pathogen infected and neutralized every Borg, everywhere? And we’re also conscious of the fact that the Borg supposedly were beaten for good in the Destiny book trilogy.

To give you a feeling for the reaction to our Borg attack, we screen-grabbed some comments as they were posted on Facebook, Twitter or the main page. Here’s a sampling:

Damn, the Borg assimilated Facebook.”

Just noticed @StarTrek is live-tweeting a Borg invasion. The future is now.

I bet a few Jedi Knights could help the Trekkies fix their #BorgTakeover problem with relative ease.

Wow, stop it already. My wall is overloaded. As much as I love ST and the Borg… enuff is enuff.

We told them they can keep Wesley, right?

LMAO. You can’t assimilate Q. Nice try. Made me think, though, ‘What if?’”

Bah, haha. Love @StarTrek’s #BorgTakeover gimmick today. Very clever social media usage.


Boldly done.

And, finally, this won our comment-of-the-day props:

The Borg will never triumph. The rest of the universe is too full of WIN!

Though, to be honest, this came a very, very close second:

The one known as Chuck Norris has been assimilated. Resistance is futile.

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