Star Trek's DNA was all over "Alienation," this week's episode of Perception -- even more so than usual. The TNT show was co-created by former Trek writers-producers Mike Sussman and Ken Biller, and LeVar Burton plays a recurring role. And, in "Alienation," Voyager star Robert Picardo, makes a guest appearance. For those who missed it on Tuesday, TNT will repeat "Alienation" on Saturday at 12:30 a.m. and 8 a.m.

"Bob is playing an author by the name of A.Z. Weyland, a murder suspect who has written a book about his alien abduction experiences," Sussman told "We also feature a Sci-Fi convention in the episode. So it's chock full of Star Wars cosplayers (Slave Leia!) and Star Trek in-jokes. And let's just say franchises collide when Picardo is apprehended by Stormtroopers..."

Sussman added, "Bob always delivers the goods, whatever role he's asked to play. I've been writing for Bob since the mid-90s, when I penned the first episode in which the Doctor sang opera! (Voyager's "The Swarm"). I was hoping to get a Star Trek vet for this pivotal part and was thrilled he was available."

The writer-producer then shares amusing "Alienation" anecdote. "While Bob was on the Walt Disney lot filming his scenes at a fake science fiction convention, LeVar was across town, also in Burbank, appearing at a real science fiction convention the same day," he says. "I can't help but think of all the money we would've saved if we'd shot at the real one instead!"



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