BMERCH has just unveiled a slew of new Star Trek products that are available now in the U.K. The products include an Enterprise 1701D Bottle Opener, which features solid-metal construction and a high-quality chrome finish. It's priced at 10.99 British pounds now through the end of May as a special introductory offer; go to to purchase.

Next up is a Star Trek Enterprise NCC-1701 Bottle Opener Keyring, made of highly durable plastic. It sells for 4.99 British pounds. Go to to purchase.
And then there are Enterprise NCC-1701 Bottle Openers, which come in chrome, black, gold and white. They're priced at 10.99 British pounds each as a special introductory rate until late May; go to to buy them.
And, finally, there's a Klingon Bird of Prey Corkscrew, in chrome. It costs 15.99 British pounds; beam it up at

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