Being a Good Guest -- The Star Trek Way

Being a Good Guest -- The Star Trek Way

As the holiday season approaches, your mailbox is going to fill up with invitations to parties, happy hours, hootenannies, and captain’s dinners. Many of these events are going to be held in people’s homes, and if you ever want to be invited back, you’ll want to be a good guest. As the Enterprise hosted many parties (landing and otherwise), there are no better examples for behavioral don’ts than five of Star Trek’s most unwelcome guests. Take note of these examples to boldly go to any party:

Bad Guest #1: Thalev

Bad Guest #2: Elaan of Troyius

Bad Guest #3: Charlie X

Bad Guest #4: The M-5 Computer

Bad Guest #5: Tribble


Robb Pearlman is veteran author and editor who has worked on Stuck on Star Trek and the Star Trek calendar program. His most recent Trek project, Fun with Kirk and Spock, was published earlier this year. Click HERE to purchase.


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