Star Trek Into Darkness premiered on this day in 2013. It, of course, featured what turned out to be Leonard Nimoy's final appearance as Spock before his death in February, 2015. To commemorate the second anniversary of STID's release, we thought we'd share screen grabs from a Nimoy/Spock-centric bonus feature on the Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-ray... images of Nimoy in makeup chair at Bad Robot, getting his eyebrows done and his Spock ears applied, then checking out his Spock-ified self in a mirror, and also chatting with Zachary Quinto and J.J. Abrams.

"Getting the look right is a task," Nimoy explained on the Blu-ray extra. "It's not as easy as just putting it on. The ears have to be shaped a certain way... and the eyebrows. What was great for me as an actor was sitting in the chair and watching the face take hold. To see the character growing in the mirror... it's exciting."
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