The Dominion threat has returned with the Cardassian Ship, Koranak. 

This September, WizKids/NECA will release Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 26 and has the exclusive First Look at the ships in the upcoming expansion packs, continuing with the Koranak (Repaint).

From the very beginning, the Dominion has been one of the most powerful factions in the game. Known primarily for their large warships, Cardassian Ships, while slower and less agile than other ships, bring impressive firepower and cunning tactics to Attack Wing, making them a popular choice for players wanting to deal heavy damage. The Koranak is no exception. 

The Koranak is a ship you will see played often for both its named and generic version. The generic Keldon Class ship boasts a powerful 5 primary weapon value at a very reasonable cost of 24 SP. Meanwhile, the named version of the ship, the Koranak, adds, among other things, a powerful special ability. Instead of making a normal attack, the Koranak can attack two different ships at -2 attack dice each. Veteran players will often pair the Koranak with the Dominion Crew Card Remata’Klan (Wave 6 - 2nd Division Cruiser Expansion Pack) that adds +2 to your Captain Skill and +2 attack dice for all of your attacks this round.

Also included in the Koranak Expansion Pack is arguably one of the best and most played Captains (after Jean Luc Picard from the Starter Set). We are speaking of none other than Gul Dukat. What makes Gul Dukat so great is his ability to take an Evade or a Battle Stations Action as a Free Action every turn. Being able to have a Battle Station token to convert your rolls to hits in addition to whatever other Action you choose to perform is a very powerful combination. Now factor in the Koranak’s special ability to attack 2 ships per round and you can see why this ship should be feared.

As if this wasn’t enough to convince you to play the Koranak, consider the other cards that come in this Expansion Pack. Another world class upgrade card found in this pack is Boheeka. His ability seems simple enough, if you have a Battle Station token beside your ship, when you attack you may covert one blank result into a hit. Combined with Gul Dukat, who can perform a Battle Stations Action as a Free Action, you can see the wonderful synergy and action economy that can be found within this expansion. Boheeka guarantees at least one extra hit if any of your attack dice roll blank results.

Players will enjoy the opportunity to add more of these powerful ships to their collections as well as appreciate the new metallic paint job. If you liked the new paint schemes found in the 2016 Blind Booster Packs, you will love the new dynamic paint job on the Koranak.

The Cardassians have returned and the Koranak can once again be found at your friendly local gaming store. Boost the strength of your fleet using this powerful ship and upgrades in your next game and dominate.

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