Welcome to the second of StarTrek.com's exclusive First Looks at NECA/WizKids’ tactical space combat miniatures game, Star Trek: Attack Wing. Today we are looking at the contents of the Ferengi Kreechta Expansion Pack, which will be available in July as part of the Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 16 release. The D’Kora Class Starship is a fine addition to any Ferengi fleet and is best used to attack an opponent’s ship that has already suffered damage. When facing down an opponent, Tarr will allow your ship the advantage of a Battle Station Token. Bractor enhances a ship’s attack potential when firing upon an opponent who has overextended their ship and suffered an Auxiliary Power Token. Bractor can choose from two different Elite Talents: Marauder, which provides a free Battle Stations action, or Acquisition, which allows a player to seal one non-Borg Tech or Weapon Upgrade from an opposing ship.

The expansion comes with two Weapon Upgrades as well. The Photon Torpedoes allow a player to convert a Battle Station result into a critical hit. When a player needs to attack multiple ships in one turn, they will be glad they have equipped the ship with Missile Launchers. The Tactical Officer can get the ship out of the enemy’s sights and set itself up to return to the fight on a later turn when faced with a situation that is clearly unprofitable.
Three Tech Upgrades are included in the expansion, meaning players have an interesting choice to make. EM Pulse is a good choice if you want to hamper your opponent’s ability to take actions and survive attacks. If a player is worried about their own survivability, Maximum Shield may provide the edge needed to survive an opponent’s assault. The Ferengi Probe can double the range combat bonuses of a ship when it has a Scan Token beside it so it helps with attack and defensive rolls.
Players, with so many diverse options, will have a fun time building their fleet as they undertake the War Games mission. While their weapon systems are disabled, the Federation will have to choose their maneuvers wisely as they try to hold out against the Ferengi assault. Can they last long enough to chase off the Kreechta or will the Ferengi claim victory at this extremely opportune time?

Visit NECA/WizKids for additional information about Star Trek: Attack Wing, and keep an eye on StarTrek.com for a preview of the final ship in Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 16.

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