Adam Nimoy Talks Spock Doc, TNG & More, Part 2

Adam Nimoy Talks Spock Doc, TNG & More, Part 2

Adam Nimoy is not Spock’s son. Rather, he’s the son of Leonard Nimoy, the man who played Spock. Just as there’s no separating Leonard Nimoy from his half-human/half-Vulcan alter ego, however, there’s no separating Adam Nimoy from his father… or Star Trek, for that matter. Adam’s life was forever impacted by his father’s fame, by the countless hours the elder Nimoy spent shooting the show in the 1960s and by the machinations of the publicity machine. There were drug and alcohol addictions, as well as a lengthy father-son estrangement, followed by recovery and reconciliation. Adam also carved his own niche as a director, calling the shots on many top TV shows throughout the 90s and into the early 2000s, including Babylon 5, Ally McBeal, Party of Five, Gilmore Girls and Veritas: The Quest, as well as Star Trek: The Next Generation and The Outer Limits. His two TNG episodes were “Rascals” and “Timescape,” and for The Outer Limits he directed “I, Robot,” which starred Leonard Nimoy. had wanted to interview Adam Nimoy for many years, and the stars aligned because his latest project is the upcoming documentary For the Love of Spock. It started out as a father-son project that would be timed to Trek’s 50th anniversary, but it morphed into something different upon Leonard’s death in early 2015. For the Love of Spock, which will premiere this weekend at the Tribeca Film Festival, examines Leonard’s time as Spock, the life and legacy of the actor and his iconic character, the fascinating father-son relationship between Leonard and Adam, and also Adam’s personal evolution. It also features interviews with the elder Nimoy’s family members; many of his colleagues, among them William Shatner, George Takei, Walter Koenig, Nichelle Nichols, J.J. Abrams and Zachary Quinto; and admirers spanning from fans to Jason Alexander, Jim Parsons and Neil deGrasse Tyson. Below is part two of our conversation; go HERE to read part one.

What did you learn about yourself or your relationship with your dad from making this film?

There's some essential conversation in the film about father-son competition. Looking back, as a kid with a famous father, were you competing with your dad or, really, with Star Trek itself, with the show, the media, the fans?

What do you hope the audience will take away from watching For the Love of Spock?

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What do you hope your dad would think of the film?

Let's switch gears. You forged your own career as a director and were a go-to guy for a full decade. What did you feel you brought to the table as a director?

You directed two episodes of TNG, specifically “Rascals” and “Timescape.” They were actually your first two TV credits. What do you remember of the experiences and how satisfied were you with the episodes?

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The Next Generation

Why did you not direct more Trek?

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You, in your anti-memoir My Incredibly Wonderful, Miserable Life, and also in For the Love of Spock, address dealing with your own issues, with your wife's sudden illness and death, with your addictions. How are you doing these days? Are you in a good place?

For the Love of Spock

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