What would happen if Kirk and Picard met? Could the crew of Deep Space Nine blend in on the Enterprise 1701? What would historical figures from Earth’s ancient history make of humanity’s spacefaring future?

We’ve seen all these questions answered on Star Trek, but in Star Trek Timelines, we’re going to Warp 10. When past, present, future and even alternate universes converge, it’s not just a question of how individuals will react, but entire factions.

In last week’s video, we provided an introduction to the concept of factions and how your interactions with them will affect gameplay. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at some factions that have been reintroduced or irrevocably altered by the temporal crisis.

Klingon-Cardassian Alliance

The Terran Empire was established (in the classic TOS episode “Mirror, Mirror”) as a brutal alternate future for humanity, made all the more terrifying when led by the coldly logical Spock. On Deep Space Nine, we learned that not all races were content to be subjugated, and the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance eventually rose up to crush the Terran Empire and enslave humanity in turn. But the Alliance now finds itself in the prime timeline, where the Terran Empire never existed. This is your chance to prove to the Alliance that humanity can be merciful. Will you take it, or make the Alliance wish they’d never been formed?

Section 31

Officially, Section 31 doesn’t exist. But fans of Deep Space Nine and Enterprise know that this clandestine organization which claims to have the Federation’s best interests at heart is very real. The temporal crisis has thrown the Federation into chaos, and the few Starfleet officers who haven’t been displaced in time are scrambling to restore order. In such a power vacuum, it’s only natural that Section 31 might try to wrest further control from those who oppose their morally ambiguous ways. Do you believe the ends always justify the means? Or will you fight the agents of Section 31 at every turn?


Born out of frustration when their colonies were ceded to the Cardassians, this motley group of freedom fighters waged guerilla war against the Cardassian Union and the Federation alike until they were wiped out entirely during the Dominion War. But now, temporal anomalies have brought dead Maquis back to life and present-day Starfleet officers back to their Maquis past. These Maquis now find themselves in a universe where the Federation and the Cardassians are closer than ever, and they do not like what they see. Will you convince the Maquis to make peace, or join their resurrected crusade for justice?


Last, but certainly not least, these genetically engineered humans were the impetus for the Eugenics Wars of 20th-century Earth. After a devastating conflict that claimed over 30 million lives, all Augments were ousted from power and genetic enhancement was outlawed. Khan Noonien Singh’s attack on Captain Kirk was the last gasp of the destruction the Augments could wreak, if so inclined. Given new life via a temporal anomaly, will the Augments again seek to conquer and rule lesser beings? Or will learning of their extinction spur them to enact a terrible Khan-like revenge?

In Star Trek Timelines, it will be up to you to determine which factions live or die, and we hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peek at a few you’ll encounter. Is there a group you’d love to see get a second chance at exploring – or conquering – the galaxy? If so, be sure to comment or visit our forums and let us know.

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