The Star Trek: Voyager Collection, a 4-CD presentation of score highlights from Voyager is available now from La-La Land Records. Limited to 3,000 units, the set features the work of composers Jay Chattaway, Dennis McCarthy, David Bell and Paul Baillargeon, and includes compositions from such episodes as "Rise," "The Void," "Basics, Part I & II," "Lifesigns" and "Scorpion, Part I & II," among others.

Disc #1 boasts music by Jay Chattaway, while Disc #2 showcases Dennis McCarthy, Disc #3 highlights music by David Bell and Paul Baillargeon, and Disc #4 includes fan favorites by Chattaway and McCarthy. Produced by Ford A. Thaxton, James Nelson, Mark Banning and Lukas Kendall, and edited and mastered by James Nelson, this special limited-edition release comes with a 36-page booklet with exclusive, in-depth liner notes by writer Jeff Bond. Art designer Mark Banning complements this mission with sharp, Federation-worthy packaging.

The Star Trek: Voyager Collection is priced at $59.98 and can purchased from La-La Land Records at


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