After a whirlwind weekend in Vulcan, Alberta -- the Official Star Trek Capital of Canada – the 20th anniversary edition of Spock Days drew to a close. This year was attended by more fans and more guest stars than ever before, making the weekend a fantastic step forward for this small rural town. On Sunday, fans had the chance to get photo ops and autographs with Arlene Martel and Garrett Wang, who were more than willing to share a moment with each and every person gathered. Making sure every attendee of Spock Days had a special experience was paramount to organizers Catherine Pooley and Dawn Kuczaj, as well as to Wang, who served as the convention master of ceremonies.

This busy event ended on a more intimate note than ever, with guest stars Martel and Wang taking not to the stage but to a cozy living-room-like setting for their Q&A's. At the request of Martel, the set was taken off the stage and nestled into an adoring group of fans gathered to hear the beautiful actress share her stories. Touched by the authenticity and closeness felt at the small, community-minded convention, she wanted to be as close to the fans as possible. She invited them to come sit near her and all gathered happily obliged. They were wowed by her recounting stories of the many, many productions she has been a part of, not the least of which was her iconic role of T’Pring, Spock’s betrothed in The Original Series episode “Amok Time.”

Elsewhere, the 2,000 people in attendance enjoyed the dealer’s room, which boasted all kinds of Trek collectibles, jewelry and gifts. One of the room highlights was a stunning display of authentic props courtesy of Michael Mangold and Devan Daniels. Showcasing costumes worn by Garrett Wang and props used by Connor Trinneer, this snippet of their remarkable collection had particular interest to fans of this year’s Spock Days. That’s because Trinneer, Charles “Trip’ Tucker of Enterprise, had been in Vulcan the day before.

Wang settled in for his Q&A after Martel to talk about his own stories for the first time all weekend. In his personal, animated way, he talked about the experiences he had while working as Ensign Harry Kim on Voyager. His brilliant sense of humor was readily apparent as the crowd’s raucous laughter could be heard all over the building. Wang, full of impersonations, was a one-man show who had everyone hungry for more as he continued well past the scheduled one-hour mark, much to the pleasure of the fans. The conclusion of his panel time was the end of yet another year at Spock Days. This event, which happens every year on the second weekend of June, is a reunion for all Star Trek fans and a huge boon to the community and local economy, encouraging visitors from all over the world. For more information on Vulcan, Alberta, Canada visit
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