Michael Westmore Interview Part Two


Michael Westmore has been designing the amazing make-up for Star Trek series and movies since 1986.

This video includes footage or photos from the following episodes:

Star Trek --
ST:TOS 5 - "The Enemy Within"
ST:TOS 21 - "Tomorrow is Yesterday"
ST:TOS 27 - "Errand of Mercy"
ST:TOS 44 - "Journey to Babel"

Star Trek: The Next Generation --
ST:TNG 164 - "The Offspring"
ST:TNG 192 - "Identity Crisis"
ST:TNG 177 - "Brothers"
ST:TNG 237 - "Chain of Command, Part II"
ST:TNG 249 - "Rightful Heir"

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine --
ST:DS9 438 - "Profit and Loss"
ST:DS9 440 - "The Maquis, Part I"
ST:DS9 445 - "Tribunal"
ST:DS9 451 - "Second Skin"

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