Published Oct 12, 2023

Official Trailer | Star Trek x Kid Cudi: Mirror Mayhem

'I have met the enemy and he is me.'

Boldly Go as you partner with Captain Skyles (Kid Cudi) on a mission to uncover the source of a sonic anomaly that threatens the peaceful planet Vada. Beam down to explore, discover, and defend a world these forces are threatening to tear apart. It’s up to you and other Starfleet recruits to work together with Captain Skyles to uncover the source of this musical malady and restore the harmony of Vada while there’s still time!

Star Trek x Kid Cudi: Mirror Mayhem - created in Fortnite - play now!

Listen to the all-new Kid Cudi track, "Heaven's Galaxy" - inspired by Star Trek - out now!

Learn more about Star Trek x Kid Cudi and Boldly Be here.

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