A Black man in a long dark brown leather jacket and fingerless gloves looks off to the right while draping a very large long-haired cat across his shoulders.


(Portrayed by David Ajala).

Cleveland "Book" Booker V was a Kwejian male, as well as the first person Burnham met in 3188, after she crashed into his ship and damaged it, causing him to crash on Hima. At first, he stole from her, desperate to buy more dilithium so he could get the tranceworm he’d stolen/rescued to Sanctuary Three for protection, but eventually he was coerced into helping her in her attempts to reconnect with Discovery. Over the year they then spent together working as couriers until she was reunited with her crew, the two fell in love.

Having taken the name Cleveland Booker in honor of his mentor - who was the fourth to inherit the name - he was originally from Kwejian, where his name had been Tareckx, after his father. He had a very large cat named Grudge, and a non-biological brother named Kyheem that he hadn’t heard from in fifteen years in 3189, whom he later learned had a son named Leto.

Haz Mazaro liked to call him Glow-Worm, presumably because his forehead would glow when he was connecting empathically to other species.