Got your tickets yet? Star Trek Las Vegas is less than three months away, and Creation Entertainment continues to add big-name celebrity guests and exciting science and education programming. The newest batch of guests includes Star Trek: Discovery actors Shazad Latif, Jayne Brook, Mary Chieffo, and Kenneth Mitchell, as well as Mike Westmore, Terry Farrell, and Gary Graham. 


Creation has also announced that more than two dozen respected professors and renowned scientists will be on hand throughout the event to present approximately 20 panels under the banners Science of Trek and Teaching with Trek. The teaching panels will deal with media literacy and how stories are about much more than a simple plot. Speakers will examine what Trek can show us about narrative structure and production design, law, science, diversity, philosophy and symbolism, and they will discuss how Trek is used around the world for teaching in the home, classroom and culture.


The wide variety of panels include offerings like "Boldly Go: A Comparative Law Analysis of the Star Trek Universe with Real Earth Space Law," led by Elsbeth J. Magilton, Executive Director of Space, Cyber And Telecommunications Law Programs, Nebraska College of Law. An "Engage with STEM" panel will feature NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory figures Bobak Ferdowsi, Brandon Rodriguez, Lyle Tavernier, Tracy Drain and Danielle Nudling providing tips and information about the ways in which people can get involved in STEM. And, Dr. Daniel Martin, Associate Professor, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), will address "What Can We Learn from the Klingon Empire?" offering ways in which analysis of Klingon-centric Trek episodes can effectively guide students through how Trek engages with ideology, history and politics.

Star Trek Las Vegas 2019 will take place from July 31-August 4 at the Rio Suites Hotel in Las Vegas. 

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