Star Trek Holiday Gift Guide -- 2014 Edition

Star Trek Holiday Gift Guide -- 2014 Edition

Thanksgiving is next Thursday and so today is excited to present our annual Star Trek-centric Holiday Gift Guide. As always, there's something for every Trek fan., including you. Here we go...

Star Trek Original Series Phaser Universal Remote Control – By The Wand CompanyBe prepared for any hazardous missions this winter with a small, hand-held Type I Phaser, which slots into a larger Type II Phaser body with a removable pistol-grip. The combined unit features a wide range of settings and beam strengths. Highly authentic, the screen-accurate hero prop replica is crammed full of advanced technology and authentic phaser firing sounds.Available: November 2014 at and $149.95

Star Trek Borg Cube Fridge – By The Robe Factory


Star Trek SHIPS OF THE LINE Revised Edition, Hardcover - By Gallery BooksThe story of each Star Trek: Ships of the Line valiant starship comes to life this holiday season with an updated edition of the acclaimed Ships of the Line hardcover collection. The book includes more than 75 additional images brought together with, for the first time in book format, the spectacular renderings featured in the Star Trek: Ships of the Line calendar series. With text commentary by Star Trek's own Michael Okuda, you too can become an expert on the background and history of each starship.Available: November, wherever books are sold.Price: $30.00

Star Trek Phaser Charm Necklace – By RockloveNow you can choose how generous you are feeling each day with the Sterling Silver Phaser Charm necklace. This small and delicate piece features one side that says STUN and the other that says KILL, allowing you to pick which way you’d like to “set” it for the day. Necklaces come in a variety of lengths.

Available: StarTrek.comPrice: Starting at $124.95

Mirror Universe Spock Pop! Vinyl Figure

The coolest and meanest-looking of all the the great Pop! figures is, logically, the Mirror Universe Spock. He's got dark eyes, a serious goatee, a stylish sash and a drawn phaser. Available: EntertainmentEarth.comPrice: $11.99

Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Docking Ring – By RockLoveBe prepared to dock and launch with the Sterling Silver U.S.S. Enterprise Rings, one featuring the saucer and the other featuring the main engine. The two rings fit together and stack to create the full Enterprise and saucer separation ability.Available: StarTrek.comPrice: $150

Star Trek Uhura Deluxe Makeup Bag – By Crowded CoopUhura was a natural beauty, but we all need a little help sometimes. This deluxe makeup bag is inspired by Uhura’s uniform, featuring a signature bag and Delta symbol zipper. Made of premium faux red leather, it holds all your cosmetic needs with style. Available: StarTrek.comPrice: $24.99

Star Trek Metal Earth model kits- By Metal EarthBuild your own replicas of the ships of the line with Star Trek Metal Earth Models. Each model is made from two 4 inch square laser-etched steel sheets that create a stunningly detailed palm-sized 3D Model. No special tools or glue are required to assemble these authentic replicas, perfect for any Star Trek enthusiast.Available: Fascinations.comPrice: $13.95

Wesley Crusher Uniform HoodieFree your inner Wesley Crusher fanboy with the Wesley Crusher Uniform Hoodie. It's light grey below, with dark grey on the shoulders and a black hood lining, and it features the familiar three-horizontal-stripe design across the shoulders, with the green coming up and over the red on the left shoulder. Dr. Crusher would approve. Available: ThinkGeek.comPrice: $59.99

Star Trek Spock Business Card Holder - By Icon HeroesThis holiday season, live long and prosper the Vulcan way with the hand-painted Star Trek Spock Business Card Holder. The perfect conversation piece for your Star Trek collection, let Spock display your digits the highly logical way.Available: and StarTrek.comPrice: $35.00

Borg Cube Whiskey Chillers -- By Diamond Select Toys

The perfect gift for Star Trek fans who hate it when their cold drinks go warm or, worse, despise it when the ice in their drink melts, watering it down. This set of six Borg Cube whiskey Chillers comes in a Star Trek carrying pouch that fits into a Borg Cube Box. The steel cubes measure one inch each, and one face on each cube comes etched with the Borg insignia. They'll keep your drink cold, without watering it down. Available: ThinkGeek.comPrice: $24.99