Shatner, Urban, Ryan To Headline Destination Star Trek 3

Shatner, Urban, Ryan To Headline Destination Star Trek 3

Destination Star Trek 3 is set to stun with ticket sales launching today at As previously reported, Destination Star Trek will return to the U.K. – to the ExCel in the heart of London’s Docklands – from October 3-5, and now is pleased to announce the first set of guests led by William Shatner, Karl Urban and Jeri Ryan:

Three stages -- Enterprise, Voyager and Excelsior -- will host the guests and special events, including the Star Trek: The Next Generation cast reunion with William Shatner moderating, and an appearance from the legendary Leonard Nimoy, via live video link. Guests will be available throughout the weekend for photo ops (some with the actors in costume as their famed characters) and autograph sessions. The Opening Ceremony on Friday evening will feature all Trek guests appearing at Destination Star Trek 3.

But the guests are really just one part of the immersive experience in store for attendees. Eurotalk will bring the Klingon language to pitiful hu-mans with their Klingon CD-ROM in the Klingon Zone, and Disruptor Beam will give fans a preview of Star Trek Timelines, the upcoming strategy role-playing video game.

Looking to get your Trek on?  Sign on for the Gaming Voyage where you can compete against other fans in various Star Trek games to see who truly is the captain on the bridge. And join's Jordan Hoffman as he challenges fans with "One Trek Mind LIVE" on the Excelsior stage.

And a Destination Star Trek event would not be complete without the Star Trek Museum featuring props and costumes from across the universe, along with an Art Gallery showcasing all 80 lithographs from the Art of Juan Ortiz collection.

New to Destination Star Trek 3 is Publication Alley, which will feature books and comics to transport fans from screen to literature. You may even meet one of your favorite authors. If that isn't enough, fans can immerse themselves in comfort and watch their favorite Star Trek moments in the Screening Room. Throughout the weekend, screens will be show montages of favorite scenes and episodes as chosen by fans.

Photo ops will include the chance to pose in front of an Enterprise-D replica bridge (with or without the TNG cast) and in a Borg Regeneration Chamber. And retailers from around the world will offer a wide variety of Star Trek-themed items.

Destination Star Trek 3 will also be looking to return the Guinness World Record for Most People Dressed as Star Trek Characters to London. The 2012 event set the record with 1063 fans, but was subsequently topped by the Star Trek Las Vegas convention last year. So get your uniform ready and be prepared to report to the bridge for the world record attempt.

Two parties will anchor Destination Star Trek. After the Opening Ceremony, Friday night becomes Destination Star Trek Risa. Dance and sing along to The Enterprise Blues Band, a/k/a Casey Biggs (Damar), Vaughn Armstrong (Admiral Forrest) and Steve Rankin (Patahk). Come along to meet friends, dance or seek Jamaharon.

The best is yet to come Saturday night, as James Darren, a/k/a Deep Space Nine’s beloved Las Vegas lounge singer Vic Fontaine, performs -- along with a special appearance from Tim Russ (Tuvok).

Haven't been to Destination Star Trek yet?  Check out the videos from the London (2012) and Germany (2014) events and then visit to purchase tickets and get the latest information.