“Project Daedalus,” the ninth episode of Star Trek: Discovery's second season, will stream this evening. To catch up on Discovery’s most-recent proceedings, StarTrek.com has highlights from "If Memory Serves," an episode that starts with an homage to its Star Trek: The Original Series roots, featuring snippets from “The Cage,” the first pilot. And what happens after that? Let's get into it below.

Home, But Not Home

Wilson Cruz as Culber; Anthony Rapp as Stamets

“Here we are… home,” Stamets says gently to Dr. Culber as they enter their quarters. However, Culber squirms; he’s far from home and is growing angry, even displaying flashes of violence. Eventually, Culber confronts Tyler, trying to lure out his inner Voq. The two fight, which Saru allows.

Burnham and Spock's Healing Journey

Spock and Burnham from If Memory Serves

Burnham and Spock encounter Vina on Talos IV, discovering that Spock is experiencing time as a fluid construct. Conventional logic hasn’t helped him interpret such an experience. The Talosians agree to help him, but want something in return. They demand to see what happened between Spock and Burnham, the wound Burnham inflicted. Burnham counters, insisting that the Talosians simply seek to experience her and Spock’s pain. They make it clear that her brother’s sanity depends on her cooperation.

Dead Red Ahead

Scene from If Memory Serves

Burnham insists on seeing inside Spock’s mind first and discovers the night that the Red Angel first appeared to him. With the Red Angel's help, he is able to rescue a young Burnham. “The Angel saved you,” Spock says. “She changed your fate.” Years later, Spock saw the Red Angel again and it guided him to a remote planet where he glimpsed “the end.” 

Walk and Talk

Hannah Cheesman as Airiam 2.5; Doug Jones as Saru

Saru asks Captain Pike for a moment to explain that someone has sent three encrypted, unauthorized subspace transmissions to parts and people unknown. Could it be Airiam? Tyler, perhaps?

A Surprise For Pike

If Memory Serves
Michael Gibson/CBS ©2018 CBS Interactive, Inc.

Vina visits Pike on Discovery, and a tender moment unfolds. She reveals they’ve shared a lifetime together, courtesy of the Talosians. Burnham, with the Talosians behind her, appears to Pike, proclaiming Spock’s innocence. Spock then describes how Section 31 covets his mind, and his memories of the future. He states that they must follow the Red Angel’s design and asks Pike to accept what he’s saying on “faith.” The ship heads to Talos IV, but the spore drive goes down. Everyone blames Tyler and Pike confines him to quarters until further notice.


Doug Jones as Saru; Ethan Peck as Spock; Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham; Anson Mount as Captain Pike

Discovery and the Section 31 ship race to beam up Spock and Burnham. Discovery outfoxes Section 31, and on board Discovery, Spock smiles for a moment before assessing the situation for Pike. The Red Angel is a human attempting to change the outcome of the current timeline, which would result in the eradication of all sentient life. To save the day, the Discovery and her crew must go rogue. With the crew behind him, Pike says, “Helm, get us out of here.”

Global Preview: “Project Daedalus”

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Global Preview: "Project Daedalus"

In "Project Daedalus," the Discovery crew infiltrates Section 31’s headquarters and suspicions arise that the crew may have a traitor in their midst. Meanwhile, Burnham tries to help Spock, but her efforts don’t go as planned.

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