FIRST LOOK: NECA/WizKids' Star Trek Attack Wing Wave 6 Enterprise

FIRST LOOK: NECA/WizKids' Star Trek Attack Wing Wave 6 Enterprise has one last First Look at NECA/WizKids' upcoming Star Trek: Attack Wing’s Wave 6 releases, and today we preview U.S.S. Enterprise, out this month. The Constitution-refit configuration shows an upgrade of an additional shield over the original U.S.S Enterprise from Wave 0. This extra shield will be helpful when using the ship’s ability to gain attack dice. The expansion contents pull heavily from the motion pictures by allowing players to choose from Will Decker and Mr. Spock as the Captain of the ship. James T. Kirk returns, bringing the Admiral mechanic (as discussed in our last article) to the Federation forces.

USS Enterprise, Will Decker, Mr. Spock, Kirk (Admiral), & Kirk (Captain) cards

Many familiar faces return with new abilities. Montgomery Scott can prevent Auxiliary Power Tokens from being placed on your ship or discarded to repair 2 Hull. Pavel Chekov allows for the reroll of blank attack dice while Hikaru Sulu allows a ship access to the Sensor Echo action even if they are not cloaked. Nyota Uhura provides an increase to Captain Skill for a round and Leonard McCoy removes Disable Tokens from your Crew Upgrades in order to keep your ship running at peak performance levels. We also see the introduction of two new Federation Crew: Ilia, who lets you retain your Perform Actions step when overlapping another ship’s base and Saavik, who allows you to switch out a Scan or Battle Stations Token for an Evasive Maneuver Token.

Scott, Chekov, Sulu, Uhura, McCoy, Ilia, & Saavik cards

The U.S.S Enterprise is also packing more powerful Photon Torpedoes this mission. Finally, there are two new Elite Talents from which to choose. The Needs Of The Many… will allow a player to sacrifice a Crew Upgrade in order to repair up to 3 Shields. When a player finds themselves in a no win situation, Self-Destruct Sequence allows for one last ditch effort at turning the tide of the battle. Players will have many hard choices as they try to use their 40 Squadron Points wisely as they attempt to communicate with V’Ger in an attempt to save Earth in the accompanying Mission of the final offering for NECA/WizKids' upcoming Star Trek: Attack Wing’s Wave 6 releases this July.

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