In our latest content update, Episode 10, “Shadow of a Doubt,” Starfleet captains will begin closing in on answers to long-standing riddles in Star Trek Timelines. The new missions shed light on the origins of the temporal crisis – including the fate of the Q Continuum – and will be key to understanding the August Mega-Event. (More info on that below!). Help uncover the truth about the scrambled timeline and maybe even pick up an all-new crew member along the way. 

We had a blast at Star Trek Las Vegas

Timelines presents at Star Trek Las Vegas
Timelines presents at Star Trek Las Vegas.
Disruptor Beam

The annual Star Trek Las Vegas convention, one of the most anticipated Star Trek events of the year, took place from Wednesday, July 31 to Sunday, August 4 at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino, and Disruptor Beam was a participant for the fifth consecutive year.

STT Game Designer Ariel Chudzikiewicz was onstage on Thursday answering player questions during the Gaming panel, which featured a discussion of several current Star Trek video games by the people who make them.

Later that afternoon we hosted an STT event where we got to meet some of our most passionate players and hear their suggestions for improving the game. Joining us was special surprise guest John de Lancie (“Q”), who reminisced about his role in helping shape the STT storyline, including the new Episode 10. John then helpfully ran around the audience with a microphone, engaging with fans and encouraging them to ask many more questions about the future of the game. 


Encounter More of the Continuum 

Our August Mega-Event, “Desperate Times,” which began last week, is very “Q”-centric.  If you have not already done so, jump in and prepare yourselves for memorable encounters while attempting to save the Trill homeworld from subspace particle storms and high-stakes personality clashes. How much Q is too much Q to handle? Let’s find out!

The schedule of events for the remainder of the Mega-Event is as follows:

Skirmish Event "The Nowhere Gauntlet" - 08/15
Faction Event "Secrets and Misdirection" - 08/22
Hybrid Faction/Galaxy Event "Judgment" - 08/29

Crews with the “Q Continuum” trait and crew with the “Scoundrel” trait will provide event bonuses throughout the Mega-Event.

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