Star Trek Month - Celebrate Week 3 with The Discovery is Landing

New products are here to celebrate Star Trek Month!

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Star Trek Month - Celebrate Week 3 with The Discovery is Landing

Star Trek Month continues with this week's theme, The Discovery is Landing! Return to the U.S.S. Discovery with these amazing products, and let us know on social what your favorite is!

Star Trek: Discovery currently streams exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S. Internationally, the series is available on Paramount+ in Australia, Latin America, the UK, and South Korea, as well as on Pluto TV in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland on the Pluto TV Sci-Fi channel. It will also stream exclusively on Paramount+ in Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria later this year. In Canada, it airs on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave. Star Trek: Discovery is distributed by Paramount Global Content Distribution.

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Playmates Michael Burnham Figure

Michael Burnham action figure is highly detailed and authentic to Star Trek: Discovery, fully poseable, and equipped with a variety of accessories and a display stand. Although born of human parents, Michael Burnham was raised by Sarek and Amanda—Spock’s parents—on Vulcan. After joining Starfleet, she encounters a universe of incredible adventures, leading ultimately to her position on the U.S.S. Discovery. Order here!

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Star Trek Discovery: The Girl Who Made The Stars

A brave girl brings light to her dark world in this empowering and inspiring story officially licensed with Star Trek: Discovery.  A long, long time ago, a young girl (based on the character of Michael Burnham) found the courage to brave the darkness and to give her people the stars so they would no longer be afraid of the night. Adapted from the Short Trek "The Girl Who Made the Stars," this picture book adapted by New York Times bestselling author Robb Pearlman encourages young readers to be brave, to face their fears and accept challenges, and to always be true to who they are. Order here!

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Star Trek Adventures Discovery Campaign Guide Collector's Edition

The Star Trek: Discovery (2256-2258) Campaign Guide Collector's Edition presents an all-new time period for telling dramatic Star Trek Adventures stories based on the first two seasons of Star Trek: Discovery. Engage in desperate battles, investigate scientific wonders and strange alien constructs, participate in post-war recovery, and join the search for the mysterious Red Angel. US fans can order the guide here!

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Discovery Men's Command Uniform Costume Sleepwear

A perfect pajama set for all Star Trek fans out there! You will long to lounge around and binge watch some episodes from Discovery and other classics from the Star Trek universe! Order here

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Star Trek: Discovery The Discovery Is Landing Die Cut Sticker

This Star Trek: Discovery The Discovery Is Landing Die Cut Sticker will be instantly recognized by any fellow fan. Featuring "The Discovery Is Landing" design, this sticker gives your laptop, water bottle, planner, tablet, and more an out-of-this-world upgrade. Order here!

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Star Trek: Discovery The Discovery Is Landing Adult Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Find yourself among the stars in this Star Trek: Discovery The Discovery is Landing Adult Short Sleeve T-Shirt. Featuring the Starship Discovery, this t-shirt is a must-have for any Star Trek fan. Order here!

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EXO-6 Discovery Saru 1:6 Scale Figure

"I saw hope in the stars. It was stronger than fear. And I went towards it." EXO-6 presents everyone’s favorite Kelpien from Star Trek: Discovery, Commander Saru. Rescued from a pre-warp civilization by Captain Phillipa Georgiou, he’s the only Kelpien in Starfleet and becomes Discovery’s First Officer after Michael Burnham is sent away for mutiny. Behind the extensive make-up and stilt shoes of Saru is the versatile performer, Doug Jones – known for his many roles as aliens and misunderstood monsters. This 1:6-scale figure presents Saru from Season 2 in exquisite 1:6 detail. Scaled to fit in with Michael Burnham, he stands approximately 13.75 inches tall. He has the uniquely shaped footwear required for his alien anatomy and wears the Starfleet Command duty uniform, each element of the outfit is meticulously researched and reproduced in scale. The original portrait sculpt of Doug Jones as Saru is adapted from a scan taken by the show’s production team and features an authentic, hand-painted likeness. Order here!

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EXO-6 Discovery Michael Burnham 1:6 Scale Figure

"There are so many reasons to join Starfleet.  We get to reach for the stars. We get to reach for the best in ourselves." It’s a time of Discovery for EXO-6, with the first release from Star Trek’s newer shows. Michael Burnham’s career was a rollercoaster from First Officer to prisoner to Commander in a very short time. Commander Burnham’s release celebrates the 5th Anniversary of Star Trek: Discovery. Always dedicated to Starfleet, Michael was reinstated to Commander at the end of the first season of Star Trek: Discovery.  This 1:6-scale figure re-creates the character in detail.  Standing 11 inches tall, she wears the standard duty uniform of the Discovery crew with silver detailing throughout.  She is equipped with the latest in Starfleet technology with complex and detailed accessories that were created using the actual assets used to create the props for the show. The original portrait sculpt of Sonequa Martin-Green has an authentic, hand-painted likeness. Order here!

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“Property Of U.S.S. Discovery” Rocks Glass

The Star Trek: Discovery Property of U.S.S. Discovery Rocks glass features U.S.S. Discovery NCC-1031 beautifully etched in frosted white. Order here!

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Discovery: Crossfield Class Pizza Cutter

This Star Trek: Discovery Pizza Cutter is modeled after the Crossfield-class starship from the latest series Star Trek: Discovery. You hold Discovery by its long, tapered nacelles, and the segmented saucer section rotates to slice your pie. But with that experimental spore drive onboard, Disco fans know that if you order mushrooms, you do so at your own risk. If you accidentally tap into the mycelial network, we can't be held responsible. Order here!

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Playmates Saru Figure

Saru action figure is highly detailed and authentic to Star Trek: Discovery, fully poseable, and equipped with a variety of accessories and a display stand. Commander Saru is a Kelpien, an alien prey species that lives in a perpetual state of fear and has biologically fostered the ability to sense threats. This ability is manifested in their threat ganglia, which pop up by their ears when a Kelpien perceives danger. Saru has had a turbulent and competitive relationship with Michael Burnham, but they eventually become good colleagues and friends. Order here!

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