Red alert! Prepare to beam in to the Skirball Cultural Center to experience Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds, a fully immersive, limited-engagement exhibition. From April 30, 2020, to September 6, 2020, fans will be able to navigate through more than 100 rare artifacts and props, including the original U.S.S. Enterprise navigation console. 

Star Trek’s themes of optimism, equality, heroism and examination of the human condition have inspired people worldwide to imagine, explore and create for over 50 years. On view will be more than 100 rare artifacts, set pieces, and props from the television series, spinoffs, and films—including Kirk, Spock, Uhura, and McCoy costumes; and the six-foot U.S.S. Enterprise filming model from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Both longtime fans and those new to the cultural phenomenon will learn how 50-plus years after a television program with modest ratings first aired, the stories and messages of Star Trek continue to resonate worldwide.

Discover how this pop culture powerhouse grew from a low-budget sci-fi television series to prosper as an iconic franchise, building stories around controversial issues such as war, racism and politics. Uncover the artifacts of a potential future that continue to impact our culture — from arts and technology to fashion and literature — and inspire generations to innovate and push boundaries to the final frontier and beyond.