According to Federation records, the Vedala are the oldest known spacefaring civilization. One representative of the Vedalan race is met in 2269 (stardate: 5683.1), by Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock. The female Vedalan is a felinoid who walks on her hind legs. Approximately three-meters tall if standing upright, the white-furred female is stooped over most of the time. Her purple clothing allows unrestricted movement, and has an opening for her bushy white tail. She can transport things through space by raising her hands and growling, but it is unclear whether this is accomplished through technological means or magical means. She also apparently has the ability to alter or compress time when transporting beings, as evidenced in 2269 (stardate: 5683.1), when she assembles a team of aliens to help retrieve a stolen object known as the Soul of Skorr, thus preventing a holy war in the galaxy.