Tin Man

Starfleet's code name in 2367 for the sentient, ancient and lonely "organic starship" found by the Vega 9 probe orbiting the near-supernova Beta Stromgren; its native name is "Gomtuu". Possibly of extra-galactic origin, the pinecone-shaped being was bred or self-adapted to symbiotically house carbon-base life with its interior chambers and corridors, but its crew died in an explosion. Now lonely, it chose to die in Beta Stromgren's stellar catyclysm as empath Tam Elbrun joined him, happy at last, after the Enterprise had brought the misfit Betazoid to woo the being before it could be captured or killed by the Romulans who claimed the sector where it was found. Once there were millions of its kind, but "Tin Man" had not seen one for millenia. Still, it was immensely powerful; a shock wave imploded an attacking Warbird, knocked out much of the Enterprise sensors, computer and shielding, and later pushed the starship some 3.8 billion km away. It didn't respond to linguacode or universal translations, requiring mind-to-mind contact and initiating the telepathic contact with Elbrun.