His career spans numerous Broadway hits and films, but the man who played the tragic Kaelon genius Dr. Timicin opposite Majel Barrett’s Lwaxana Troi in TNG's “Half a Life” will forever be known as MASH’s blue-blood doc in olive drab, Maj. Charles Emerson Winchester III., which netted him two Emmy Award nominations for acting. His roles on TV, stage, film and game voicings are numerous, but he has also been seen as the Rev. Gene Purdy in the TV adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dead Zone, produced by Trek veteran writer-producer Michael Piller.  

A 1942 native of Peoria, Ill., Stiers is also known as the recurring guest star Oberoth on Stargate Atlantis and as DA Michael Reston in the 1980s Perry Mason TV movies—and even as the voice of Dr. Jumba Lookiba on Lilo & Stitch: The Series. His interest in music, apart of his Winchester character, is played out in real life in Steirs' capacity as associate conductor for the Newport Symphony Orchestra and the Ernest Bloch Music Festival.