Origin: Gamma Quadrant. A matriarchal humanoid Gamma Quadrant race dominated for 800 years by the T-Rogorans and forced to work as laborers and servants until the captors themselves were conquered by the Dominion. In the vacuum that followed, some 3 million fled and — through one of their natives — accidentally came through the wormhole to DS9 in 2370. The move appeared to fulfill a religious prophecy that their legendary "promised land" of Kentanna lay just beyond, which they interpreted as Bajor. When the overwhelmed Bajorans regretfully turned down their request they bitterly settled on the nearby Draylon II, as suggested — despite leader Haneek's argument that her hard-working people were just what the rebuilding Bajor needed. Their language patterns, syntax and sentence structure were unlike anything in the universal translator's database. Males are considered "too emotional" to be leaders, always fighting among themselves, and a female may be "bonded" to two or more males; the concept of a solo mate is unknown to them.