A race of avian creatures, the Skorr are a fierce and proud race who were once great warriors with advanced military technology and the ability to breed vast armies rapidly. According to Vulcan estimates, they were capable of breeding 200-billion warriors in a two-year period. Some time around 2249, a religious leader named Alar began to influence the Skorr, turning them to a more peaceful and civilized people. After Alar's death, his brain patterns were recorded and placed in a sculpture that held great religious significance for his people, called the "Soul of Skorr."

Also known as the "Soul of Alar," this large statue, resembling six interconnected ribbons, is made of indurate. In 2269, the Skorr prince Tchar stole the Soul of Skorr, in an attempt to reinstill aggressiveness in his people and create a galaxywide holy war. He was unsuccessful.