Planet: name unspecified. A race (pronounced "SUTT-er-uns") at war with the Lysian Alliance for several decades, a length due to the relatively low technology levels of both sides. Despite that, they have developed a scanning beam that can blank memories via brain chemistry and manipulate computers to the point where a native disguised as a human almost hijacked the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D to win their war for them. Whether a typical case or not, the Satarran, disguised as human, can fake human readings on sensors and easily knocks Worf aside and is only brought down after two phaser bursts followed by continuous fire from two Phaser II's beams of unknown intensity. In appearance, they are glimpsed as having a humanoid yet bony exoskeleton, although it is not known how accurate that information is due to the camouflaged nature of the one Satarran seen.