Garfield Reeves-Stevens, along with wife Judith, joined the writing staff on Star Trek: Enterprise at the beginning of Season 4. Their first script together was "The Forge." Judith and Garfield are credited on the show as "Co-Producers."

In the December, 2004, edition of the Star Trek: Communicator magazine, Executive Producer Rick Berman praised the duo, saying, "They are just dynamite. We are kicking ourselves at not having found them years ago. They are both absolute cracker-jack writers, both incredibly impressive ... they write crisp, clean dialogue and a good story. They are godsends."

Previously, the Reeves-Stevenses were staff writers for the second season of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World — the syndicated one-hour action-adventure series from New Line. For the series' third season, the Reeves-Stevenses returned as supervising producers on location in Australia. In other episodic work, the Reeves-Stevenses have written for John Woo's Once a Thief, The Hitchhiker, MTV's Catwalk, and Beyond Reality. For Universal Studios, the Reeves-Stevens wrote "Van Helsing: The London Assignment," the direct-to-DVD animé prequel to the latest Stephen Sommers blockbuster starring Hugh Jackman. The DVD was released the week following the movie's opening in May, 2004.

In the literary world of Star Trek, the Reeves-Stevenses are amongst the franchise's biggest-selling original book writers. Their novel, "Federation," is one of the top-selling original Star Trek stories ever published. Well-known to Trek fans, the Reeves-Stevenses appear in a supplementary documentary that accompanies the release of Robert Wise's "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" The Director's Edition. They also appeared in a series of four commercials promoting Star Trek: The Next Generation in syndication.

In addition to five other Star Trek novels, Judith and Gar have written four acclaimed nonfiction volumes: "Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Continuing Mission," "Star Trek Phase II - The Lost Series," "The Art of Star Trek" and "The Making of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine," all chronicling the franchise's production history. In addition, the Reeves-Stevenses are William Shatner's co-writers for an ongoing series of novels based on the character of Captain Kirk. The eighth novel in the series, "Captain's Blood," was published in December, 2003, with the next, "Captain's Glory," to follow in Spring, 2005.

For their latest book, Judith and Gar undertook research trips to Mars — almost. In January, 2005, Pocket Books published their newest non-fiction book: "Going to Mars: The Stories of the People Behind NASA's Mars Missions, Past, Present, and Future." The book was co-written with Brian Muirhead of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Flight Systems Manager for the 1997 Mars Pathfinder mission, and now JPL's Chief Engineer.

With many fans of their work at NASA, Judith and Garfield were invited by Chief Administrator Sean O'Keefe to become members of an ongoing Space Policy Workshop of "distinguished forward-thinking individuals to bring new perspectives and new ideas into the debate" to produce a new vision for America's future goals in space. The Reeves-Stevenses joined with sixteen other participants to meet with top NASA officials, including O'Keefe, Director of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Dr. Charles Elachi, NASA Associate Administrator for Science, Ed Weiler, and NASA Chief Scientist, astronaut John Grunsfeld, on an ongoing basis. The group's initial function was to examine and develop a wide range of possible goals from which President George W. Bush then selected the elements that form NASA's newly announced Vision for Space Exploration.

On his own, Garfield Reeves-Stevens is the author of five thriller novels combining elements of science fiction and horror. Of Garfield's two latest novels, Stephen King recently said, "'Nighteyes' and 'Dark Matter' are two of the best speculative novels I've read in the past eight years." "Dark Matter" won France's prestigious Grand Prix de l'Imaginaire. Other winners include Stephen King, Neil Gaiman and Dan Simmons.

The Reeves-Stevenses's novels are published in the United States, Canada, and England, and in translation in Czechoslovakia, France, Germany, Holland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Poland, Russia, Spain, and the Ukraine. (Their novels are currently unavailable on Vulcan due to legal restrictions.)

Garfield lives in Los Angeles with his wife Judith.