Paxton served as the leader of Terra Prime, an underground xenophobic movement, whose goal is to stop all human contact with alien species — they believe alien interference is corrupting humanity's way of life.

Paxton's beliefs dictate his steadfast resolve, as he is disgusted by Starfleet's attempts to forge new, friendly human-alien alliances.

Prime's base of operations was on the mining colony of Orpheus, which is located on the moon. Here, Paxton ordered the launch of the mining facility, and then took the ship to Mars, where he siezed control of the planet's verteron array. Via subspace, Paxton announced his intentions and used the array to show his conviction by firing on Earth's moon, and gouging a large crater through it. Paxton promised no further use of the weapon as long as all alien races leave the Terran system immediately.

While on Paxton's ship, Archer defeated Paxton during a fatal hand-to-hand combat.