After three hours of make-up, Chase Masterson became the sweet and sexy Barjoran Dabo girl Leeta for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Chase Masterson possesses a rare versatility that makes her one of Hollywood's quick rising stars. In fact, in the December 1998 issue of Sci-fi Universe magazine, Masterson was named one of the top 20 people to watch in Hollywood. Besides her work in ST:DS9, Masterson's television credits include FOX's hot episodic Sliders, UPN's Live Shot and the World Wide Web's interactive soap EON 4. Masterson was also named the co-host of Showtime's Saturday night program Showtime Nighttime. Her guest appearances have included a recurring role on General Hospital, as well as the nighttime drama Acapulco Heat. Masterson also guest-starred in ER's Emmy-winning episode "Hell and High Water".

On the film front, Masterson most recently starred in "Sammyville." She has also shown up as Commanding Officer Callie O'Grady in the Stephen King-based thriller "Ice Station: Erebus" and co-starred with Bridget Wilson in the fantasy feature "Marina." Her other feature films include "Digital Man," "In a Moment of Passion" and "Married People, Single Sex," for which she was nominated for a Drive-In Academy Award.

A fan favorite, Masterson can also be seen starring with Former CIA head William Colby in the CD-ROM "Spycraft: The Great Game."