Planet: Malcor III

Humanoid race, physically distinguished by mitten-like hands and feet — suction cups at the palm and "fingertips" replacing digits and a cranial lobe with an upper set of olfactory nasal openings. Internal distinguishing features include a higher digestive tract, placed where a human heart would be and the Malcorians have more ribs — three on the right and four on the left.

Like humans they come in a variety of skin tones, from dark to fair, and perhaps a little like humans of the late 20th Century, the Malcorians immediately assume both a curious stance and an aggressive stance upon discovering that outsiders have infiltrated their world.

Their technology approximates that of late 20th Century Earth, while their ideology is based on an almost medieval ethnocentrism. They assume their own superiority and believe in their aloneness in the center of their universe. Despite encouragement from an enlightened scientist, the Malcorian chancellor in 2367 decided to wait for more education before further contact with the Federation, asking not to be visited again.