Planet: Legara IV. A largely mysterious alien race who, after 83 years of preliminaries by the legendary Vulcan Ambassador Sarek, made official first contact with the Federation in 2366. The meeting, which was viewed by the Legarans as their crowning achievement, finally took place on stardate 43917. Strict adherents to protocol, the Legarans were thought to bring incalculable benefits once relations were established.. Though nondescript physically, they prefer to live -- or at least confer -- in pools of thick swirling ooze which is carefully maintained at a constant 150o C. Significant work is required to prepare for their arrival, and to make them comfortable in an environment that is alien to them. Special vats are constructed for them, and placed in rooms that are decorated with a great deal of care -- they want no furniture, nor to have the walls too bright or decorated with paintings, for example.