Klingon who was assimilated by the Borg but had a recessive gene mutation that allowed him to experience Unimatrix Zero while regenerating. When Axum brought Annika (Seven of Nine) back into Unimatrix Zero, Korok was skeptical about bringing outsiders into their struggle to protect their dreamstate realm from the Borg Queen. However, he eventually joined a plan to destroy the interlink frequency that kept Unimatrix Zero in existence. But before that happened, the U.S.S. Voyager crew saw to it that the realm's occupants would retain their memories and thus their individuality while awake as drones. The effort proved successful as General Korok took over the Borg Sphere he was stationed on and assisted Voyager in its battle against a Tactical Cube. Afterwards Korok was contacted by another Borg vessel in the region under the control of former drones, leading to hopes that their resistance movement will undermine the Collective.