Manchester, N.H., native Thomas Kopache is one of Star Trek’s busiest guest stars, with seven roles to his credit across all modern TV series—though only Kira’s late father Kira Taban was a recurring character.  That role popped up in DS9’s “Ties of Blood and Water” and in “Wrongs Darker Than Death or night,” while his first Star Trek role ever came in Romulan guise as Mirok in TNG’s “The Next Phase.” He was also the Enterprise-B’s comm officer in Generations, the nervous Viorsa of Voyager’s “The Thaw,” Vulcan envoy Tos of Enterprise’s “Broken Bow” pilot, and then later the “Sphere Builder” test subject seen in “Harbinger.” Born in 1945, Kopache could also be seen in later season of The West Wing, as judges on Boston Legal and The Practice, and dozens of films and one-hour TV dramas, including Babylon 5.