Klingon attack cruiser

The largest and newest of Klingon ships, the attack cruiser was first seen in 2367, as K'mpec's ship.

This new class of ship is about three-fourths the length of a Galaxy-class starship. It echoes the traditional Klingon battle cruiser design, but with a foredeck protrusion and, reflecting newly shared technology with the Federation, carries Starfleet-like warp nacelles. These ships are designated as Vor'cha-class.

As with its Starfleet counterparts, it also carries a mission recorder. The explosion of one within the 15 kilometer distance from Deep Space Nine to the wormhole, briefly overpowered the station's inertial dampers.

Other ships of this type include Gowron's flagship, the I.K.S. Bortas.

The Mirror Universe Klingons also fly this variety of ship.