Legendary Klingon commander whose exploits ensured him a place in the Hall of Heroes, as told in G'Trok's poem 'The Fall of Kang', an epic so important it is required reading at Starfleet Academy.

The late Dahar Master once faced James Kirk in 2269 but joined him to defeat their true enemy, an energy lifeform living off their shared hatred when trapped aboard a starship as undying fodder.

He had also squared off against Capt. Sulu's Excelsior during the tensions of the Khitomer Conference in 2293.

Kang had already met Curzon Dax by then on the Klingon Korvat colony, when Dax intentionally angered Kang to foster a bond a calculated risk as he walked out during a long diatribe by the shocked Klingon. The Trill envoy became such a trusted family friend that Kang's firstborn, his son, was made his godson and named Dax in his honor. The boy, of course, was among those later killed in revenge by the marauding Albino and fostered a blood oath of revenge in turn among Kor, Koloth and Dax that was finally carried out in 2370 and led to Kang's death as he struck the death blow on his enemy.

He also had defeated T'nag and his army with only colleagues Kor and Koloth, according to Kor's tale in 2372, and later feasted on the leader's heart.

He had already bemoaned the passing of the old Klingon ways, and ridiculed Klingon restaurateurs like the one on DS9