At the time he was “stunt cast” for a surprise cameo as Captain Morgan Bateson of the time-trapped USS Bozeman in TNG’s “Cause and Effect,” Kelsey Grammer and his Dr. Frasier Crane role were but a well-known face among all the popular regulars on Cheers—filmed practically next door to the TNG stages and offices on the Paramount Pictures lot.  Grammer was another celebrity Star Trek fan and enjoyed the appearance—in fact, producers tried and failed to get his Cheers co-star, Kirstie Alley, to appear as the Vulcan seen alongside him in their simple viewscreen shot, a silent nod to her role as Saavik in Star Trek II.

The spin-off of Grammer’s Cheers role into its own wildly popular Frasier comedy series—for which he won four Emmy Awards, two American Comedy awards and two Golden Globes— was still two years away when he filmed TNG’s “Cause and Effect.”  The 1955 native of St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, also has two nominations for Frasier Crane in comedy supporting roles on Cheers and even as a guest star on Wings—plus another Emmy nomination for his voice work as “Sideshow Bob” on the animated classic The Simpsons.

Grammer has also served as executive producer on series such as Medium, The Game, and Girlfriends. Today, he can be seen in a far darker role as fictional Chicago mayor Tom Kane in the new HBO political drama series The Boss