Graham, Gary

Star Trek fans know Gary Graham best from his recurring role on Enterprise as Vulcan ambassador Soval, though he also guest-starred on Voyager playing Ocampan spiritual leader Tanis in "Cold Fire."

Graham is probably best known for starring as Det. Matt Sikes in the Fox series Alien Nation and its five follow-up TV movies. He has played more than 30 TV roles, including most reently Nip/Tuck, and has more than 30 movie credits—including All the Right Moves, The Last Warrior, Robot Jox, Hollywood Knights and Hardcore. 

Graham, a 1950 native of Long Beach, Calif., is author of the book Acting & Other Flying Lessons, a step-by-step manual on how to become a working actor in the Hollywood film industry, with anecdotes from his 25 years in the business—including his work on Star Trek.