Homeless, mentally-challenged human living in Sanctuary District A in San Francisco, Earth, at the time of the Bell Riots of 2024. He was considered a "dim" in the vernacular of the time, because among other reasons, he thought he could make himself invisible. He also believed the Earth was being visited by aliens, which ironically came true in the form of Jadzia Dax, a Trill from the 24th century. When Dax snuck into the Sanctuary District from a sewer line, Grady followed her and stole her Federation combadge. Later, Dax returned with Bashir to find him and retrieve the combadge. She told him she was an alien, which he suspected all along — although he saw her as a "good" alien, not the brain-sucking kind. Dax said she was there to protect Earth from its enemies, but she needed that piece of "jewelry" he had in his possession. He believed her and gladly complied, and assured her he would never tell anyone their little secret.